What are your transit times ?

current averages:

Order total < 5 KG:
Europe: 2 days
USA:7 days
ASIA central: 6 days
ASIA eastern: 8 days
Australia: 12 days
New Zealand:14 days

Order totals > 5 KG:
Europe: 5 days
USA: 14 days
ASIA central: 9 days
ASIA eastern: 14 days
Australia: 21 days
New Zealand: 28 days

*working days

Can you pack my order in… XYZ… packaging?

For security and convenience. We send all our parcels in plain boxes without our name, nor the content of the package written on it.
Be aware there is also no content overview attached to the box, so keep your order confirmation email safe for reference purposes.

What is the status of my order?

Your order will go through several statusses from the time of ordering until the time of delivery. To summarize:

– Payment Pending / On-hold (Bank tranfer method)
Payment is not yet made or not yet received by us.

– Processing
Payment has been received and order is being prepared.

-Awaiting shipment
Your order will ship from the EU if the time is before 17:00, otherwise it will ship the next business day.

-With Parcel Service
Your order is with parcel service. This is the point where you willbe able to track your parcel.

– Refund: order is being refunded.

– Completed
Your order is delivered and we received a confirmation from our parcel service.

– Cancelled
Order is unpaid for longer than 3 days, or cancelled by customer.

I have not received any emails about my order?

All orders receive email updates, whether they have changed status, but also in case of any problem.
If you have not yet received an email then please check your junkor spam folder, since some mail providers incorrectly mark our email as spam. Please move these to your inbox and/or whitelist our address to prevent it from happening again. You may also log in to your account through this website, to see the status of your order at any given time.

How can you guarantee my order will arrive to my address?

Unfortunately, we can’t, since the process involves several third parties, and some of our substances are subject to investigation by customs in some countries. Of course we will do everything within our reach to get your order delivered like using vacuum and odor proof bags, and choosing the best logistical route for your order.

However, in the unlucky circumstance your order may not havearrived within 21 days, we will reship your order without any costs, without questions asked.
Since parcel companies only investigate losses after 21 days, please allow up to this time before requesting your free reship.

Refund instead of free reship is not possible.

Can i receive a free sample of …XYZ… before making a big order?

It depends. We get many inquiries, sometimes demanding FREE sample packs, and promise big orders thereafter.. However:

1 – We don’t want big orders and the risk associated.
2 – we don’t NEED extra customers and certainly not the ones that are distrustful to start with.

Enter Quid pro quo

What we DO offer, for orders above €75, is a free sample pack containing samples of 4 of our substances. Each substance sample (depending on form) will be either 0.3G , 2 blotters/pellets. Please add your requested samples as an order note on the checkout page.


If the FAQ below does not answer your questions, please use this form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.