Ferrofluid Nanotechnology Kit


How can nanotechnology clean up ocean oil spills?
Explore the possibilities with this high-tech kit! The kit includes a magnetic liquid, ferrofluid, which is made up of millions of magnetic nanoparticles each so small that more than 6 million of them would fit inside the period at the end of this sentence. Using a strong magnet, like the neodymium magnet supplied in the kit, you can manipulate both the ferrofluid and other liquids around it. With this kit, young scientists can explore how the magnetic properties of ferrofluid can be used to collect and manipulate oils. This kit offers a fun hands-on exploration of a unique, environmentally beneficial, and cutting-edge use for nanomaterials.
Instructions for this kit are available online. See below for links to the instructions and more.
Additional items needed:

Apron or clothes that can be stained
Poster board, white
Lab notebook
Food coloring, any color
Paper towels
Sink with hot water
Dishwashing liquid
Plastic sandwich bags
Drinking straws

Ferrofluid Nanotechnology Kit
Ferrofluid Nanotechnology Kit


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